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A Surge Arrester is a protective device used to protect electrical equipment from surges caused by lightning or switching activities. It diverts the surge to the ground by limiting the voltage to withstand levels and protects the equipment installed. The voltage seen by the electrical equipment in the event of surges is very high which can damage its insulation, which causes permanent failure and power disruption. To overcome this situation, surge arrester installation is the solution, which redirects the excessive voltage and current to the ground and safeguards all the equipment in the electrical system.

Surge arresters have many applications, from protecting a home to a utility substation equipment. They are installed in parallel to the equipment to be protected such as on pole mounted transformers, pole mounted riser poles (underground cables) and substation equipment.

There are various types of surge arresters for selection based on system voltage and application

a)    System voltage :  

·       Secondary (less than 1000V)

·       Distribution (1kV to 36kV)

·       Intermediate (above 36kV to 120kV)

·       Station class (above 120kV)

b)    Application :

·       Outdoor : Used in outdoor application such as distribution lines, substation and transmission lines etc

·       Indoor : Used inside panels, link box, RMUs etc

c)     Classification and energy handling capability :

·       Distribution class : 5KA

·       Intermediate & Station Class : 10KA (Class 1 to Class 3)

·       EHV : 20KA (Class 4 & above)

Porcelain Outdoor Surge Arrestors

Polymer Indoor Surge Arrestors

Polymer Outdoor Surge Monitors


Several accessories are available to use depending on the necessity such as

·       Disconnector : Device connected in series on ground side of surge arrester that separates ground lead from the bottom of arrester when it is failed.

·       Surge Monitor / Counter : Device connected in series on ground side that displays the total leakage current and number of surges that have occurred. This data helps to monitor healthiness of surge arrester and helps to take preventive action of replacement.

·       Insulating caps : Used on line side to insulate live part of surge arrester against ground flashover due to accidental contact caused by wildlife. 

Casting type LTC, Insulating base and LTC


Surge Monitor

Birdcaps and Bracktes

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